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The changes on the blechtrottel brodaktschns' website in chronological order. This page was automatically generated from the RSS newsfeed of blechtrottel brodaktschns, which can be subscribed under blechtrottel.net/en/rss.xml. Information on RSS can be found on our page on RSS


Blecho's Times-Tables Pro 4.2.1

Got rid of a slight glitch in the code. Divisions are now displayed correctly.
2 November 2018

Blecho's Times-Tables Pro 4.2

Available in German for quite a while, here finally is the first version of Times-Tables Pro in English. It is aimed at children learning multiplication and division.
31 October 2018

Blecho's Pages

The navigation of all the Blecho pages was improved and brought up-to-date technically.
15 June 2018

Page Masking updated

A little update to our masking routine, so that it respects capital letters in text that is not an e-mail address. Thanks to Ursula for pointing this out!
5 June 2018

Top Downloads 2017

2017 again saw a new third place among the top downloads here at blechtrottel.net. Behind our russian phonetic keyboard layout for German keyboards and Sudoku instructions as PDF our Iconv-UTF8 plugin for html editor phase 5 managed to edge into position.
12 January 2018

All News Pages

Small changes and optimizations on all News pages.
8 January 2018

Page News updated

And again in 2017 there was not much time for work on the website.
8 January 2018

News in 2016

What happened to be new in 2016.
1 January 2017

News in 2015

What happened to be new in 2015.
1 January 2016

News in 2014

What happened to be new in 2014.
1 January 2015

News in 2013

What happened to be new in 2013.
1 January 2014

News in 2012

What happened to be new in 2012.
1 January 2013

News in 2010 and 2011

What happened to be new in 2010 and 2011.
1 January 2012

News in 2009

What happened to be new in 2009.
1 January 2010

News in 2008

What happened to be new in 2008.
1 January 2009

News in 2007

What happened to be new in 2007.
1 January 2008

News in 2006

All that happened in 2006.
1 January 2007

News in 2005

All that happened in 2005.
1 January 2006

News before 2005

The early history of blechtrottel brodaktschns.
1 January 2005

English version online

The first pages of the English version goes online
(validator, web tools, about us)
23 June 2004

German version of blechtrottel brodaktschns online

After about a year of preparations and frantic development the German version of blechtrottel brodaktschns go online.
28 September 1999