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The 216 web-safe Colours

This is a table showing all colours every browser should be able to display. Due to differences in hard- and software, as well as varying monitor settings these will never look alike on different computer systems (just like the channels differ on different tv sets in a shop). Especially logos, backgrounds and often used graphics should use these colours, as other colours may make the browser mix them from the ones available to it, which in turn will lead to unpleasant dots and spots (dithering).

These colours are composed of the following hexadecimal (or decimal) RGB values only:
00 (0) - 33 (51) - 66 (102) - 99 (153) - cc (204) - ff (255).
Most image software for the web offer corresponding palettes to work with. Since they do not always display the palette as a whole, we generated this page.

The lines are numbered in order to make it easier to find an interesting colour again. If you need to recalculate the hexcode you can use our javascript-hexcode recalculator for all hexadecimal colour values. Just click the palette or use the link above.