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W3C Validator offline

The Markup Validation Service (formerly: HTML Validator) of the WWW consortium W3C is the number one address for validating the correctness of one's HTML und co. You can install it locally on your pc, which is a very interesting option for those who use modems to access the internet or work on laptops or in local networks.

Though coming from the world of Linux, the validator can be implemented on a Windows system, as of version 0.8.0 this is relatively simple. The most recent version is 1.3. Being of the altruistic kind blechtrottel brodaktschns do not intend to keep the results of our endeavours from our visitors and therefore offer a short howto.

This validator cannot validate HTML5. For this the W3C has its Nu HTML Checker.

Shopping List

If you want to run the validator under Windows you need the following:

  1. a web server, in our case Apache2
  2. a Perl for Windows, we chose ActivePerl 5.8.9 from ActiveState. So far, the validator does not work with a newer version than 5.8.x.
  3. David Tibbe's Perl package ppm.zip.
  4. and of course: the W3C validator plus recent DTD libraries

All software listed above is available for free.

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