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blechtrottel.net is a one-man project, which deals mainly with web design and related topics.

In addition, these pages feature information on all computer-related things that for some reason or the other have attracted the interest of the maintainer.

The following topics are available:

  1. projects - websites, e-books etc. (s. left)
  2. phase 5 - a project related to html editor phase 5
  3. webtools - a few tools useful in web design
  4. tips & tricks - some additional instructions
  5. Blecho - pages for children and the young at heart

Feel free to mail suggestions and complaints.

Latest changes

Page Freeware & Viruses updated

Small updates on our page on how software sometimes gets wrongly accused of containing a virus.
30 April 2022

About us

The category About us needed an update.
31 March 2022


Little behind-the-scene optimizations on a few of our pages.
27 February 2022