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Update History

Time flies, therefore it was only right to add a bit to our history page.
30 August 2021

Little Design Changes Blecho

Now Blecho, too, has new header and navigation menu backgrounds.
31 July 2021

Little Design Changes

Both the header and then navigation menu have gotten new backgrounds.
2 June 2021

A bit of Maintenance behind the Scenes

In the background, some things were made neat and tidy.
31 May 2021

Pages Tips, Webtools and Homepage updated

Little updates on both the tips and the webtools pages and the homepage as well.
5 April 2021

Archive redone

Some pages have moved to the archive, others have completely retired.
27 February 2021

Top Downloads 2020

Number one among our downloads in 2020 again is the Russian phonetic keyboard layout for German keyboards. In second place this time comes ebook Dutzend nach Taxen, with the German Sudoku instructions as PDF coming in third.
3 January 2021

All News Pages

All pages on news have been improved and updated, further changes will follow.
1 January 2021

Page News updated

There were quite a few changes on blechtrottel.net in 2020, 2021 will see more, primarily behind the scenes.
1 January 2021