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All the news and changes here at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns) in 2007 in chronological order.

Entries marked * refer to pages that are no longer online.

W3C validator 0.8.2

Version 0.8.2 of the W3C HTML-validator has been published. There are no changes for installations under Windows.
12 October 2007

Repaired news page

Due to some dubious PHP problems on the server our news page did not work properly. Our provider was kind enough to move our website onto another server.
29 September 2007

New web project feigenhof.at

We have a new project online. This time we get more down to Earth with a farm selling organic herbs, fruit and vegetables.
19 August 2007

W3C validator 0.8.1

The W3C has updated its HTML validator to version 0.8.1. It is a bugfix release; changes to our pages are only minor ones.
16 August 2007

Mailform fixed

The English version of our mailform did not work properly. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
3 August 2007

W3C Validator 0.8.0

The W3C has published final version 0.8.0 of the validator. It features some improvements for local installation.
31 July 2007

KDiff3 Plugin

Our third plugin lets you send files open in HTML editor Phase 5 to the open-source tool KDiff3.
16 July 2007


Our tool to send files to the Safari-like Swift browser has been updated. It now also supports the buggy Windows Safari. Therefore, it has been renamed to Swafari (Swift + Safari). You can now include either browser (or both) into html editor Phase 5 (or similar software) as external browsers.
15 June 2007

W3C-validator 0.8.0b2

The W3C published the second beta version of their validator. Our instructions now reflect this version.
6 June 2007

Freeware & Viruses

Our page on wrongly detected trojans in some freeware was missing. Our apologies.
22 May 2007

New Heading Phase 5

The growth of our pages on Phase 5 has led blechtrottel brodaktschns to grouping them under their own new heading.
15 May 2007

Iconv-UTF8 Plugin for Phase 5

Our second plugin for Phase 5 is online. It does character conversions (iso, utf, ...) via Iconv. Its main use is the import/export of utf-8 files in order to edit them in Phase 5.
15 May 2007

W3C Validator 0.8.0b1

The WWW consortium have published the new version of its validator as a beta version. So, there have to be new installation instructions from us :-)
2 May 2007

Validator plugin 2.0

We here at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns) start April too with our Validator plugin for Phase 5 and similar editors. Version 2.0 now supports localhosts for PHP and the like and compares its results with those of the W3C Validator.
2 April 2007

Netgear drivers and error 1609

It would not be a driver from Netgear if it did not show some strange behaviour. Our page now includes the odd behaviour of version 3.0.
9 March 2007

Netgear drivers and error 1609

Our page on installing Netgear drivers on a non-English Windows now reflects the newest version 3.0 of the driver.
6 March 2007

Validator plugin for Phase 5

Blechtrottel brodaktschns start into March by publishing their first proper plugin for Phase 5 and similar editors. It uses OpenSP, which is at the heart of the W3C validator.
1 March 2007

New page for Phase 5

A new page on our favourite html editor Phase 5 describes how to use Safari-like Windows freeware Swift as an external browser.
22 February 2007

New mailform

In order to get rid of at least part of the spam in our mailbox blechtrottel brodaktschns now use a new mailscript.
2 February 2007

Page projects enlarged

Up to now there was no mention of screensavers on our projects page. Our apologies.
1 February 2007

News pages updated

Old news have been archved and reorganized for the history buffs among our visitors :-)
31 January 2007


Even without expensive programs you can count downloads more or less reliably. Blechtrottel brodaktschns show you how.
17 January 2007

Downloads 2006

Last year two things especially attracted interest: Our files to keep multiple versions of Internet Explorer apart and our contribution to tackling the error 1609 in Netgear drivers. All other downloads rank way behind. Thank you all for your interest. We will strive to continue producing interesting downloads.
10 January 2007

Page on masking e-Mail addresses finally in English

We finally got to translating our info on how to protect your mail address from harvesters.
8 January 2007

Page on Screensavers now with Thumbnails

So that our visitors get a better idea of our screensavers we have included little images for each into the list.
8 January 2007

Page on RSS updated

Our information for RSS beginners has been updated. The text has been worked upon.
8 January 2007