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All the news and changes at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns) in 2015 in chronological order.

Entries marked * refer to pages that are no longer online.

Validator plugin 3.1.1

After a while there is a new version of our Validator plugin with little improvements. Bigger changes are to follow in 2016.
31 December 2015

CSS3 syntax scheme

A new syntax scheme is ready for download. It is intended for the emerging CSS3.
28 November 2015

RSS logo with <canvas>

The page on how to draw an RSS logo with HTML5 and JavaScript has been updated.
13 November 2015

Page About Us updated

The page About Us, too, follows the changes on the website.
9 November 2015

Page History extended

Recent developments here and in the WWW are now documented on our history page.
8 November 2015

Update website 6

Blechtrottel brodaktschns now goes by the name blechtrottel.net.
7 November 2015


The dates on the homepage are in English now.
6 November 2015

Update website 5

The fifth change was an optimization of the HTML5 of all pages. This had no effect on their appearance.
6 November 2015

Update website 4

Fourth change: New Home page
30 October 2015

Update website 3

Step 3: All our pages are now written in HTML5.
19 July 2015

Update website 2

As part of the revamp of our website the archive contents were reworked.
11 July 2015

Update website 1

Content and design of the blechtrottel brodaktschns website are being updated. We started with a few little changes in the design.
3 July 2015

German keyboard layout for Android-x86

Our newest page shows how to teach Android-x86 a German keyboard layout.
25 April 2015

Downloads.mdb version 2.4

A problem when reading the list of downloads was fixed.
28 February 2015

Page E-Books updated

A new e-book has been published on our project breitwieserschaini.at.
31 January 2015

Page E-Books updated

The Page on E-Books was in dire need of an update.
30 January 2015

Top downloads 2014

There are no changes among the top three downloads here in 2014. Most popular again was our Russian phonetic keyboard layout for German keyboard. Runner-ups again: PDF version of German translation of Sudoku instructions and help files for migrating SMS texts from Nokia to Android.
22 January 2015

Page news updated

2014 eventually saw a few changes. There is enough work left for 2015.
15 January 2015