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All the news and changes here at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns) in 2008 in chronological order.

Entries marked * refer to pages that are no longer online.

Local W3C validator

Version 0.8.4 of the W3C-Markup Validator has been published. The changes needed to install it on your own pc are only minor ones.
24 December 2008

Mail form

Since spambots become trickier all the time we had to further develop the script behind our mail form.
20 December 2008

KDiff3 plugin 1.2

Version 1.2 of our KDiff3 plugin for phase 5 is available. It now recognizes filepaths containing spaces.
26 November 2008


Time flies - the history of blechtrottel.net has been updated.
14 October 2008

WebKit browsers

WebKit browsers (Swift, Safari, Google Chrome, ...) had difficulties with displaying our logo on our homepage. We adapted the image accordingly.
13 October 2008

Swafari plugin

Since development has stopped for Swift and progressed quite a bit for Safari we decided to mark our plugin accordingly.
13 October 2008

Screensaver Breakfasts of Ireland

There is a fourth screensaver available for download. Depicted this time are a few variants of typical Irish Breakfasts. Enjoy your meal!
12 October 2008

Iconv-UTF8 plugin 3.0

The newest version of our plugin offers many improvements and takes care of some of the limitations of Iconv.
14 August 2008

Local W3C validator

New version 0.8.3 of the W3C Markup-Validators is online. Although a bugfix release it requires more code tweaking than its predecessors.
12 August 2008


Physiotherapist Claudia Holy has left the country. We wish her all the best.
14 July 2008

Our philosophy

If you want to get an idea of the philosophy that is behind our work have a look at our newest page.
24 May 2008

Project fusspflege-claudia.at

After two relaunches of existing websites, a completely new project by blechtrottel brodaktschns has found its way into the WWW.
17 May 2008


The download link to our downloads.mdb was broken on the English version of the page. As nobody reported it, we only came across this when we checked our logs for errors. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience.
5 May 2008

Project feigenhof.at

In April version 2 went online. We finally updated our screenshot.
3 May 2008

Multiple IE's with CC test

To make sure that Conditional Comments work and all browser windows are identified correctly download our brand-new ie-cc-test.html.
27 March 2008

Multiple IE's with IE7 and IE8

Since IE8's beta is out, our most popular download section has been updated again. Read how you can mark a standalone installation of Internet Explorer 7.
26 March 2008

Project junge-oekumene.at

On February 29 version 2 of our largest project went online. You now get an updated screenshot here.
16 March 2008

Iconv-UTF8 plugin 2.0

A new version of our Iconv plugin is online. Two user-definable quick buttons now allow one-click conversions.
9 February 2008

Iconv-UTF8 plugin

Since usage of the plugin did not fully reach all users we added a few lines to our instructions.
25 January 2008

Validator plugin 3.0

Our link to AutoIt in the plugin's description was broken. We were made aware of that by our valiant beta tester Franz Kruft, who finally gets proper credit for it.
22 January 2008

Validator plugin 3.0

Version 3.0 of our plugin reacts a bit faster and brings comparisons with the newest online W3C Validator.
19 January 2008

Swafari plugin

Apple has made progress with its Windows Safari. Our tips on how to use it with Phase 5 have been updated.
13 January 2008

Top downloads 2007

In 2007 there were three downloads at the top here at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns): our files for marking Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 in multiple installations and our contribution to get rid of the error 1609 in Netgear WLAN drivers. We thank our visitors for their interest.
13 January 2008

W3C validator local

Finally in the internet, you can now find the last module necessary for installing the validator under Windows (Encode::JIS2K). Our instructions now reflect this.
12 January 2008

XSLT in PHP4 and PHP5

As we reported in September 2007, blechtrottel brodaktschns moved to another server in our provider's pool. Based on our experience with PHP5 there and on some suggestions made by our visitors, we have refined our information on XSLT in PHP.
6 January 2008