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All the news and changes here at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns) in 2010 and 2011 in chronological order.

Entries marked * refer to pages that are no longer online.

Top downloads 2010

The lead is undisputed again. It is taken by the pdf version of our translantion of Simple Sudoku's sudoku instructions. It found more downloads than the runner-ups together. In second place there is our collection of poems "dutzend nach taxen". Breathing down its neck is our Iconv-UTF plugin for HTML editor phase 5. Thank you for downloading.
24 January 2011

Downloads.mdb 2.2

You can now name your downloads anything you want - as long as it is Unicode. The relevant file will be linked as UTF8. Some cleanup reduced the size of the database.
3 December 2010

New project Otto Kromer

This year too, we have a new web project online, i.e. that of trainer Otto Kromer.
23 August 2010

Saxon batch 2.0

The new version of our batch file for XSLT transformations from phase 5 works under Windows 7.
1 August 2010

Local W3C Validator 1.1

After a bit of a hiatus we have found time to update our information on the local installation of the W3C's Markup Validator. Our instructions now refer to version 1.1
31 July 2010

Page about us updated

It was about time to update information on our "about us" ...
30 March 2010

Screen wallpaper

Our blechtrottel logo as a wallpaper can now also be downloaded for wide screens.
28 February 2010

Top downloads in 2009

Even though it has been online for only halfs a year the pdf version of our translation of Solving Sudoku into German has taken the lead of the downloads in 2009. Some lengths behind come our Uconv plugin for html editor phase 5 and our poem ebook "Dutzend nach Taxen".
15 January 2010

Downloads.mdb 2.1

Blechtrottel brodaktschns start the new year with an update to our database which counts downloads from a logfile. Even though the version change is small, user friendlyness has improved tremendously.
10 January 2010