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All the news and changes at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns) in 2012 in chronological order.

Entries marked * refer to pages that are no longer online.

Page e-books updated

There is much change on the (e-)book market, so our page needed a rewrite.
31 December 2012

Wallpapers pages updated

We added a few resolutions for our blechtrottel brodaktschns design including smartphones.
25 December 2012

English pages updated

Eva Spitzer also pointed out quite a few mistakes that had been lurking on our English pages. We only got round to taking care of those now. So, shame on us and another big thank you to Eva!
25 November 2012

Page philosphy updated

This time we have updated one of our pages based on user feedback. A big thank you goes to Eva Spitzer for her input!
22 August 2012

New page Russian phonetic keyboard

Our newest project is a phonetic keyboard-layout which makes it much easier to type Russian on a German keyboard.
6 May 2012

New page wallpapers

If you would like to test wallpapers by blechtrottel brodaktschns on your pc or smartphone, you actually can now.
23 February 2012

New page SMS from Nokia to Android

If you have trouble getting your SMS from a Nokia mobile to an Android smartphone, read this.
31 January 2012

Page news updated

2011 - due to other obligations - was a rather quiet year for blechtrottel brodaktschns. This year things should be back to normal. A few ideas are in the pipeline. So, it'll be well worth coming again.
22 January 2012

Top downloads 2011

And again this year the pdf file of our translantion of Simple Sudoku's sudoku instructions comes in first among the downloads from blechtrottel brodaktschns. For the first time, second place is taken by the GreySeals12 screensaver. Third is once again our Iconv-UTF plugin for HTML editor phase 5. Thank you all for your interest in our work.
21 January 2012