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about us

It all started as blechtrottel brodaktschns, an open group, creating websites from 1998. The only permanent member of this group was its coordinator.

Years have passed since then and the group has turned into a one-man-show using the web address blechtrottel.net as the name for the project. This should make life easier for those among our visitors, who do not have German as their mother tongue.

The approach is the same, though: I love to learn new things, so tips and criticism are always welcome. Very special thanks go to all you nice people who have so far helped in improving our websites.

About our name:

blechtrottel, which roughly translates into tin idiot, is an Austrian term for a computer (especially when, for reasons unknown to Man, it will not work or the user just made a mistake). It is used ironically, thus enabling the user to express frustration and anger, since - of course - nobody never did anything at all and therefore cannot be blamed for the malfunction ;-)

brodaktschns is what you hear when the average native speaker of German pronounces the English word productions. (It should be spelled broductshns anyway.)

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