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Phase 5

You need not write plugins to call other programs from Phase 5. In many cases simple batch scripts will suffice:

Batch File for XSLT with Saxon

Michael Kay's XSLT processor Saxon is a very good option for XSL transformations from Phase 5. Our batch file calls Saxon and passes it the XML file that is active in Phase 5. According to the XSL sheet referenced in the file the XML code gets transformed and is opened in Phase 5 again. Thus you can easily check the resulting source code for validity and proper formatting.

Saxon knows different versions/licenses. The focal point here is on Open-Source version Saxon-HE (Home Edition).

Version History


  1. Saxon needs Java to be installed.
  2. Download Saxon and unzip it into a folder of your choice.
  3. Download saxonbatch.zip from blechtrottel brodaktschns and unzip it into the plugins folder of Phase 5.
  4. Change the path to saxon-he-XX.X.jar (saxon-ee...E, saxon-pe...) in line 7 of Saxon2HTML.bat.
    TIP: If you always name the Saxon folder and jar file without version number, you will not have to do any changes to Saxon2HTML.bat in the future.
  5. In line 13 change the path to htmledit.exe.

It is rather easy to write your own files for other transformations based on Saxon2HTML.bat.