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Masking e-Mail Addresses

If you publish your mail address on your website this is not always without risk. Too many programs, so-called harvesters, steal e-mail addresses from HTML pages and process them for evil use. And all of the sudden junk mail (spam) and adverts fill your mailbox and take the fun out of e-mailing. Of course, you can change your address anytime, there are hundreds of free providers, but do you really want to constantly inform all your friends that your address has changed and who knows whether you can get a nice and original one again (if you have one, that is)?

But there is an alternative to constant moving in flight of unwelcome e-mail. Harvesters look for text passages like mailto:abc@xyz.com. Now, if you use character-code values instead of letters (e.g. m instead of m), these harvesters have a hard time to read the characters and skip your e-mail address. Unfortunately these programs have become more and more clever, this method is not as successful as it used to be. Be it is still worth a try!

Now, where do you get the unicode values for your address? Here at blechtrottel.net! Simply type your e-mail address into the field in the form below, click the button and copy the result from the result field! We cannot possibly let you browse through thick lists, can we ... :-)

 prefix mailto: to mask complete link address (mailto:address) in <a href="...">
and this is what your e-mail address looks like masked:

By the way, this script can mask any text. But we have limited text length to 100 characters. Should you be interested in masking longer text, just save this page to your computer and raise the maxlength attribute of the input field adresse (Yes, our mother tongue is German, you will have to put up with it).