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All the syntax schemes listed here are in the .sch format and can be used for html editor phase 5. Simply unzip the zip file into the subfolder Syntax in the phase 5 folder and activate the scheme via Einstellungen - Syntaxparser verwalten ...

Syntax Highlighting for CSS3

CSS has seen quite some development in recent years. CSS Level 3, as it is officially named, now has a syntax scheme: css3.sch. Its colour scheme is based on the colours used in the version that comes with phase 5.

screenshot of css3.sch

Syntax Highlighting for HTML 4.01

If you try to make old websites conform to the recent HTML standard (HTML 4.01) or have just started to deal with HTML, you can hardly do without validation tools, especially if you want to write standard-compliant pages. Nobody wants to leave their favourite editor and start a different program or even get onto the internet for that all of the time. In order to make life easier there is our jsinhtml401.sch, which is based on the jsinhtml.sch, which comes with Phase 5.

In its most recent version 7 you can easily get an overview of any webpage:

screenshot of jsinhtml401.sch

Please bear in mind:

Syntax Highlighting for XSL

screenshot of jsinhtml401.sch

You can get syntax highlighting for XML with Phase 5. XSL stylesheets are not supported. You could use xml_scripts.sch but this solution is not adequate. Therefore blechtrottel.net got active. Our improved version 3 of xsl.sch is available for download. It is more accurate and smaller than earlier versions. Its color scheme is similar to our jsinhtml401.sch.

Syntax Highlighting for RSS and Atom

screen shot of rss_atom.sch

RSS and Atom can be edited in Phase 5, too. It is only logical that the use of RSS in the projects of blechtrottel.net led to rss_atom.sch, which can be downloaded here. It supports both RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0. In this case too, the color scheme follows that of jsinhtml401.sch.