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One of the major challenges in designing a website is the logo. If you work on paper you are easily enticed to work with complicated colour gradients and other effects and intricacies that work only on high-quality glossy paper with special colours.

But everyday life in an office is different. As an integral part of a company's corporate identity the logo has to appear on every piece of paper, i.e. calling cards, paper, faxes, as well as on metal signs and all sorts of merchandise products and, of course, in the internet, and that in many different sizes. Thus, the most impressive of graphics can easily become an unattractive blot.

After several training courses blechtrottel.net have neither become specialists in graphic design nor experts in typography, but we have learned a few things from professionals, which we would like to pass on. Which expectations should a decent logo meet?


If, after all these examples, you simply cannot get enough of blechtrottel.net's logo you can download our wallpaper. :-)
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