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blechtrottel.net is a one-man project, which deals mainly with web design and related topics.

In addition, these pages feature information on all computer-related things that for some reason or the other have attracted the interest of the maintainer.

The following topics are available:

  1. projects - websites, e-books etc. (s. left)
  2. phase 5 - a project related to html editor phase 5
  3. webtools - a few tools useful in web design
  4. tips & tricks - some additional instructions
  5. Blecho - pages for children and the young at heart

Feel free to mail suggestions and complaints.

Latest changes

Iconv-UTF8 Plugin

Update to the instructions for our Iconv-UTF8 plugin for html editor phase5.
26 September 2022

Portable Version of Russian phonetic keyboard

Little changes to the description to make things easier for the casual user.
15 August 2022

blechtrottel.net via https

As of today, all pages on blechtrottel.net come with a certificate from Let's encrypt and are therefore available via https. The changes implied on our provider's webserver entail further changes on all our pages. Please bear with me if some things don't work as they always did right away.
27 July 2022