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Stylesheet Update

Little adaptations for the font used on all pages.
22 November 2022

ABC-ImpEx 1.2

New version 1.2 of the MuseScore plugin now speaks French as well.
9 November 2022


Some smaller changes on the page on installing MuseScore plugin ABC-ImpEx.
30 October 2022

Iconv-UTF8 Plugin

Update to the instructions for our Iconv-UTF8 plugin for html editor phase5.
26 September 2022

Portable Version of Russian phonetic keyboard

Little changes to the description to make things easier for the casual user.
15 August 2022

blechtrottel.net via https

As of today, all pages on blechtrottel.net come with a certificate from Let's encrypt and are therefore available via https. The changes implied on our provider's webserver entail further changes on all our pages. Please bear with me if some things don't work as they always did right away.
27 July 2022

Portable Version of Russian phonetic keyboard

New and portable version of the phonetic keyboard layout for German keyboard for use from an USB stick or with pcs onto which you cannot install software.
30 June 2022

Page KDiff3 plugin updated

Minor change on the page describing the plugin to use KDiff3 from HTML editor phase5.
28 May 2022

Page Freeware & Viruses updated

Small updates on our page on how software sometimes gets wrongly accused of containing a virus.
30 April 2022

About us

The category About us needed an update.
31 March 2022


Little behind-the-scene optimizations on a few of our pages.
27 February 2022

Top Downloads 2021

MuseScore plugin ABC_ImpEx, the first blechtrottel.net download on GitHub, managed to reach third place in 2021. Number one again goes to Russian phonetic keyboard layout for German keyboards. In second place again comes e-book Dutzend nach Taxen.
4 January 2022

Page News updated

2021 saw quite a few changes behind the scenes, more will follow in 2022.
1 January 2022