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German keyboard for Android-x86

It is not really hard nowadays to install Android on a computer, which is handy if you want to test programs without having to switch gear. Android-x86 can be installed on a pc and can even be used within a different operating system via Virtualbox.

Unfortunately Android is still not quite up to date when it comes to non-English keyboard layouts. If you use a Bluetooth keyboard on a device, it will probably work as intended, but Android in Virtualbox cannot properly use a German keyboard connected via USB.

If English is your only language, this page is probably not for you. If you speak a language other than English the following information should be useful. For languages other than German simply change the two files mentioned to contain a keyboard language of your preference.

Download and Installation

Since Android-x86 does not yet support switching keyboard layouts, the German one cannot simply be installed in addition to English. You have to replace files in the system.

Under Virtualbox Android has no direct access to the file system on the pc, it is therefore advisable to set up a network share and use it from Android or do all the work in Android. For file management under Android blechtrottel brodaktschns use Ghost Commander, for which there is a network plugin.

  1. Download German keyboard layout for Android-x86 and unzip its contents into a folder of your choice.
  2. Rename Generic105de.kl and Generic105de.kcm into Generic.kl and Generic.kcm.
  3. In the folder /system/usr/keylayout rename Generic.kl and copy German Generic.kl into it. Set the rights to rw-rw-r-- (chmod 664). User and group have to be set to root.
  4. In the folder /system/usr/keychars rename Generic.kcm and copy German Generic.kcm. Here too, set the rights to rw-rw-r-- (chmod 664) and user and group to root.
  5. Restart Android.