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KDiff3 plugin

Among the programs used to compare files and show the differences (Diff programs), one stands out: Open-Source freeware KDiff3 can compare or merge up to three files. Reason enough for blechtrottel.net to develop a plugin for phase 5.

KDiff3 plugin by blechtrottel.net

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  1. Download and install KDiff3.
  2. From kdiff3.zip copy the files KDiff3.exe, %1-Zwischenablage.exe and kdiff3.ini in the plugins folder of phase 5.
  3. In kdiff3.ini, change the path to kdiff3.exe in the program. Done!


Open one or more files in phase 5 and select KDiff3 in the Tools menu. The plugin will read the filepaths and names of all the numbered tabs and open a window with up to three lists. If necessary, change the order and selection of the files and select the mode (Diff or Merge): The files are opened in KDiff3.


PS: freeware & viruses

All programs by blechtrottel.net are of course free of any virus. But they may be wrongly accused by some virus programs. Why this sometimes happens - to us and others - can be read on this info page.