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All the news and changes here at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns) in 2009 in chronological order.

Entries marked * refer to pages that are no longer online.


We glimpse into the future. Using the canvas element in HTML5 we draw a RSS logo without any image file.
29 November 2009


Even information here at blechtrottel.net (blechtrottel brodaktschns) can grow a bit old. What is no longer state of the art can now be found in our new archive.
31 October 2009

web archive

The list of web projects has grown to such an extent that active and archived projects now reside separately on their own pages.
2 September 2009


Since we haven't published a new website in two days - here we go: Praxisxellschaft are a group of physiotherapists in Vienna.
28 August 2009


A new website is out. It is about Johann Schani Breitwieser (1891-1919), burglar king and Robin Hood of Vienna.
26 August 2009


Our web project fusspflege-claudia.at had a little facelift. Version 2 is online.
29 June 2009

Blechtrottel logo

The logo of blechtrottel brodaktschns has a cameo appearance on the cover of a piece of online music.
17 June 2009

IE in parallel

Our page on the installation of multiple versions of Internet Explorer has been updated. You can now also brand your IE8.
16 June 2009

Downloads.mdb 2.0

We finally got to update our Access database Downloads.mdb, with which you can count downloads in your webserver's logfiles. It is now even easier to use.
26 May 2009

News archive 2008

Our page News lacked the link to the 2008 archive. This is fixed now. Our apologies ...
26 May 2009

IE-CC test 2.0

New version 2.0 of our test now also shows what version of J(ava)Script your browser uses.
2 April 2009

Local W3C-Validator 0.8.5

The W3C has published a new version of the Markup Validator. It is mostly a bugfix release. Our installation instructions are up-to-date.
30 March 2009

New page IE-CC test

On our newest page you can now test Conditional Comments in Internet Explorer online.
27 March 2009

Dutzend nach Taxen as EPUB

Our newest e-book is now available in open EPUB format, which we plan to support from now on.
7 February 2009

New web project Blumen Ulrike Marek

Our newest web project Blumen Ulrike Marek made it onto the net in January in can be scrutinized meticulously.
27 January 2009

IE in parallel

Text and links on our page on the installation of multiple versions of Internet Explorers have been adapted.
27 January 2009

E-books as PDF

The recent e-books by blechtrottel brodaktschns are now also avaible as PDF files.
18 January 2009

Blecho 2009

Blecho finally made it from the year 2000 into the 21st century. The javascript for IE4 and Netscape 4 finally works in all uptodate browsers. Enjoy!
11 January 2009

Page e-books

Our page on e-books, namely the Mobipocket ones, now holds extended information on software availability on different computer systems.
10 January 2009

Top downloads 2008

This time our most successful download file was one of the phase 5 plugins: Our Iconv-UTF plugin and frontend is in a comfortable lead, followed by the files needed to mark IE6 in multiple-IE environments. Third place goes to the UserGuests tool used to automatically create these user groups on non-English computers when you run into problems with programs or installation routines that speak English only.
8 January 2009